Hi, I'm COLIN. 

I’m two years old and I’ve been at the Sanctuary for a month. What a relief! My brother and I were tiny piglets when we were given to someone as a present for their wedding, of course we didn’t understand that at the time. We lived well for the next two years and happily had each other for company. It’s not may siblings who get to stay together in the animal world, you know. I don’t know what happened but one terrible day we were taken to this horrendous place that was noisy, men shouting and prodding us with sticks the smell of blood everywhere and fear. Fear coming from the animals, not from the men some of them laughed. We were shrieking with terror getting separated for the first time in our lives. My brother was dragged through these doors still shrieking and struggling. I couldn’t stop the men, I never saw my brother again, I’m sure he died that day in that hellish place. I don’t know why but I went back to our paddock only to return to the hellish place a few days later. Nothing could ever have prepared me for the horror of that place or the callous and cruel men who worked there. I thought the worst was going to happen but amazingly I went back home yet again, I just couldn’t work it out. Another trailer arrived and I thought this must be it I can’t possibly survive this time. I shrieked and struggled did my best to fight. Well, it certainly was it but not in the way I imagined. Here I am safe and loved; I have a wonderfully muddy paddock, great new house, lots of treats and new friends. I just wish oh wish that my brother could be here too, I will not forget him. I want to stay here and never have to face that place of hell ever again. Please adopt me.

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