My name is DUMPLING. 

I guess you can see why. I do like my share of mints and carrots. I am about 26 years old and have been here for 14 of those. I came from Dartmoor where I was a lead mare and for some time managed to evade the yearly roundup. But one year I slipped up, got caught and ended up in this awful place called market. We had along journey to get there. It frightened me so goodness knows what the other ponies went through. I am a pretty tough girl I had to be to be a lead mare. Janet bought me as she thought I was in foal I was so fat. I’d not been handled by people at all up until the time I was caught and I can tell you I was not impressed by them. I am still a very independent lady. My friends here at Coral and Tarka the ponies. I want to stay with them and I certainly wouldn’t like to be separated from the mints and carrots! It’s an easy life here compared to Dartmoor. Please adopt me.

Two easy ways to adopt


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To adopt by Post and Cheque

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The Farm Animal Sanctuary,
Manor Orchard Farm,
School Lane,
Middle Littleton,
Worcestershire. WR11 8LN.


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