My name is EBONY.

I am 13 years old I have been here for 2 years. I was kept in a field with no shelter and didn’t have a rug in the winter. As I got older those conditions got harder. When I was 5 I had a foal who did stay with me and then another horse turned up so I had some company. I was never badly treated just a bit neglected. I became really depressed just standing with my head down all the time. My owner was moving away and didn’t want to take me so Janet bought me and I came here. Everything was stressful at first, you know, great change of circumstances, new companions, new field and a stable! But just wonderful! There are other horses here too and my special friend is Charlie who has been here ages. We love each other and he has helped me gain my confidence I’m not depressed any more. I want to stay with my friends and with my stable and don’t want to be depressed ever again. Please adopt me.

UPDATE. Sadly Charlie has died Ebony now has Fred as her companion, they get on well together.

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The Farm Animal Sanctuary,
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