My name is GINGER

I am 15 years old I’m a miniature Shetland Pony. When I was 4 months old I was taken to market I had lost my Mother and been weaned far too early. The market was a terribly traumatic experience for me. The crowd laughed when the dealer poked me with a stick to get me to go into the auction ring. The noise was horrendous. I was terrified and remember curling up in a ball in a corner of the ring. Janet walked into the ring and picked me up in her arms. She carried me out of the terrifying place and brought me here where I have truly found my sanctuary. I cost her £6 – she didn’t seem to mind. My best friend is Lilly who was bought on the same day, she is about my age and we both adore Polos, cake (especially homemade cake), bread, apples and biscuits. I am happy and I feel safe here. I don’t want to have to face the market ring ever again. Please adopt me.

Two easy ways to adopt


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To adopt by Post and Cheque

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and send with a cheque to:

The Farm Animal Sanctuary,
Manor Orchard Farm,
School Lane,
Middle Littleton,
Worcestershire. WR11 8LN.


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