Hi, my name is HAZEL

I’m 2 years old and have been here for 18 months. I had been kept as a pet whatever that is and things had been OK, warm hutch, plenty of food, then one day I was taken to this terrible place and left in a small cage. There were men shouting and women laughing and I heard lots of other animals in that place some of them sounded horrified at being there and very afraid. Someone gave the market man 50 p for me, I don’t know what that is either but it didn’t sound much, and then a lady came and offered more - £2 – and she brought me here. I was told later by the other rabbits that I would have been eaten if the lady hadn’t seen me. I’m only young and I want to live and this Sanctuary is certainly a fantastic place to do that. Clover and I are great friends and we want to stay that way. Please adopt me.

Two easy ways to adopt


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To adopt by Post and Cheque

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The Farm Animal Sanctuary,
Manor Orchard Farm,
School Lane,
Middle Littleton,
Worcestershire. WR11 8LN.


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