My name is HOSANNA. 

I don’t know how old I am but I’m certainly getting on a bit now. I have been here 10 years. I came to England from Romania. A man brought a lot of us to sell over here. All of my companions were sold and I was left on my own. The man said I had a fat neck and that made me too unattractive to sell. He told people I would kick them so they didn’t want me. I felt miserable. Happily Jan turned up and bought me otherwise I think I would have gone to that dreaded place “slaughter” and made into food for pets. One of the Sanctuary supporters who loved donkeys had given Jan some money asking her to buy a donkey in need and she would pay for its keep. Well that was me. I was in need of some care and attention and a good home. I’ve got it all here and my neck has got better. I don’t think I’m unattractive do you? I was the star of the show at the Palm Sunday service at the local church and behaved very well no accidents in the aisle. I don’t kick anyone. I’m not keen on the ponies and prefer the sheep who I hang out with in the top paddocks with my very own stable at night. I don’t want to go back to Romania or be called ugly again and certainly not be made into pet food. Please adopt me.

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The Farm Animal Sanctuary,
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Worcestershire. WR11 8LN.


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