Hi, I'm Jacqueline. 

I’m almost two years old and I’ve been at the Sanctuary for three months. Where I lived before was pretty awful, a field knee deep in mud and I was pregnant about to give birth. I was much too young for that and struggled to bring my calf into that horrible wet and muddy place. I was in a lot of pain and exhausted, I had been trying for hours, I thought I was going to die, never see my calf, it would never see the world, never be born. The rain and mud got worse, the farmer got angry. These three wonderful ladies arrived, I’m not absolutely sure what happened next, but there was more pain then a feeling of weightlessness and then, wonder of wonders I heard a small cry and felt a nuzzle at my side. My calf was born, I’d had surgery a Caesarean section, how about that, what clever ladies. The ladies were really angry with the farmer. He was going to leave me and my calf in the muddy field and we definitely would not have survived that. The ladies brought me here to a warm and dry stable – amazing, to food even more amazing and love. Little Josephine my calf came too. At first I couldn’t feed her, I was ill and had no milk but all that has changed now. I love it here, I love the warmth, the food especially washed carrots and we have mud too but I don’t have to try to survive in it. We go out in the field during the day and have met Angus who is really old and a gentleman. I don’t ever want to be pregnant again and I don’t ever want our lives threatened again, I want us both to be safe. Please adopt me.

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