Hi, I'm Josephine. 

Posh name I know, I nearly didn’t get a name. I’m three months old now and I’ve been here since I was born. My Mum was in a terrible state, life threatening to both of us, and she had to have an operation so I could be born. It was freezing cold and wet when that happened as we were in a muddy field and it was pouring with rain. The ladies who helped my Mum were very angry with our owner the farmer and they brought us to the Sanctuary. I was very tiny and not many minutes old. My Mum was so poorly she couldn’t feed me. The farmer had not fed her so she had no milk. I had bottles for the first ten days and then Mum could feed me herself. Mum and I have our own stable and she has lots of food, I’ve tried some of it and grass but her milk is best really. I’ve met Angus ‘cos we go out in a field during the day, it’s not muddy. Angus is like a great grandpa to me he is so gentle and wise. I want to stay with Mum and Angus and grow up in safety. Please adopt me, I’m only tiny.

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The Farm Animal Sanctuary,
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School Lane,
Middle Littleton,
Worcestershire. WR11 8LN.


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