Hello, my name is MARY.

I am 14 years old and I’ve been here for 1 year. I had a pretty good home up until then. I was in a livery with a horse called Fred we became very good friends, he is an older boy. Both our owners pretty much abandoned us there telling the chap who ran the place that they didn’t want us back and he could do what he liked with us. Charming! Understandably he couldn’t keep us out of his own pocket and he didn’t want us to go to market as that would mean the “meat man”. That person is well ingrained in the minds of all horses who once they are no longer wanted, will sadly end up with him. The chap at the livery is a very compassionate man and knows Janet here. She was looking for a companion for Arnie as his friend Jackson was not expected to live much longer. So she agreed to collect me and take me home to the Sanctuary well I managed to get through to her that it was me and Fred or nothing so we both came. Arnie was a bit naughty when we first arrived, well he hadn’t seen girl in ages, but Fred was the perfect gentleman, there was no fighting. Fred is now Ebony’s companion and very happy he is too I am glad to say, we still say hello over the fence. I live with Arnie and a rescued mare with her foal. I love the foal, never had one of my own, he is wonderful. I love Arnie too of course we are very happy together. I want to stay with Arnie, my friends over the fence and never be abandoned ever again. Please adopt me.

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