Hello, this is Paul.

Grumpy and Paul both came from Henley in Arden Livestock Auction many years ago. Geese were regularly sold at this sale each week. Crammed into small wire cages they all became very stressed, and on hot days were obviously desperate for water. The design of the cages didn't allow them to have access to water, many of the geese would be kept in these conditions for 7 to 8 hours, becoming visibly more stressed as the day wore on.

It took a while for Grumpy and Paul to calm down after getting them home, when they did finally settle they decided that they didn't like each other and began to fight. Since then they've had to be kept in separate areas, Paul has decided that he pretty well dislikes most of the other animals, the donkey, the sheep, most of the hens, but he has struck up a strong companionship with Musky the Muscovy drake. The pair of them wander around the paddock together hissing at all and sundry, happy in their world.

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