Hello, this is Silver and Sunny the Rabbits.

Silver and Sunny were bought from Henley in Arden Auction sale. All kinds of small animals were sold at this weekly held market, from hens, geese, turkeys, pheasants and Quail to rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters. All of these animals were either held in tiers of rusting cages or dirty crates and cardboard boxes and sold to the highest bidder. The rabbits were either sold to dealers or breeders, or sometimes would be bought by someone who wanted them to eat. Silver and Sunny were cramped together in a small dirt encrusted box, they were a few months old and both were shaking with fear. They were brought home and treated for fleas, it was then we noticed Silver still had all his bits! A trip to the Vets and separation from Sunny was slightly too late, Sunny began nest building and eventually produced one tiny baby who we named Spring. She was a brilliant mum, when the time was right Silver, who was living in an adjacent hutch was re introduced. They were all so happy to be together and are rarely seen apart from each other, a lovely little family.

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