HELLO, my name is SPICE

I am 4 years old and have been here 1 year. I am a Pot Bellied Pig. When we were small my sister, Sugar, and I were taken from our Mum and went to live in an enclosure at the back of a pub, it was noisy and smelly and we were not well cared for. We were depressed and fed up with people poking us with sticks and laughing at us. One day these wonderful people came and took us away from the pub to another small piece of land but they looked after us very well indeed, we were no longer depressed and we enjoyed their company. Sadly they couldn’t keep us so they arranged for us to come to the Sanctuary, very kind people, thank you. We love it here with our own paddock to truffle in, lots of food and treats, our own snug house, the pigs next door and the people are great fun. We love to play. It’s like being in heaven compared to that pub. I want to stay with my sister and definitely want to stay here. Please adopt me, I’m only small.

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The Farm Animal Sanctuary,
Manor Orchard Farm,
School Lane,
Middle Littleton,
Worcestershire. WR11 8LN.


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