My name is TIIMMY

My name is TIIMMY and I am a smaller than usual miniature Shetland pony. I was inbred to make me so small and when I was born I had hip dysplasia and weak joints. I can remember being taken to this noisy, smelly place, a market, three times. The dealer couldn’t sell me because of my deformities. I was only 18 weeks old. The third time Janet bought me and brought me back here to the Sanctuary. I am 9 years old now and don’t have any problems playing. My best friend is Mr Bean who is a bit bigger than me. I have to confess that I have got rather cheeky since I came here. My favourite past time is biting people’s knees preferably bare ones I can get a better grip on those. Well, I can’t see any higher up than that on most people except the miniature ones like me. I want to stay here and bit knees for the rest of my life. Please consider sponsor me I’m not too naughty honestly.

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