Hello, my name is George

I’m 11 months old I’ve been here for 8 of those. I was born in the winter. There was something wrong with my front legs I couldn’t keep up with Mum and my brother so the farmer fed me from a bottle. I was weak I couldn’t feed very well I thought I was going to die. Two ladies arrived they had been before to take away orphan lambs they took me away as well. What a wonderful day that was for me to arrive at the Sanctuary with people who were determined that I would live – they didn’t care if my legs were strange. With lots of bottles, visits from the vet who soon became one of my many friends, something called homeopathic care and encouragement from my three special friends my age, I became well and strong. It was hard for me to keep up with my friends then I had plaster casts put on my legs which made them stronger – they worked! My legs were straighter I progressed to support bandages in all sorts of colours – my photo shows my favourite blue ones – for the last 3 months my legs have supported themselves, they are much straighter but will never be as long as they should be. My legs get me where I want to go, I can jump and play. Fantastic! I love being here, I love all the humans and I love all my animal friends and birds and I love all of you on Face book – I don’t know what that is – but you sent me so many get well wishes they al worked, THANK YOU. Please help me to stay here, please adopt me.

UPDATE two years on George has matured into a confident boy with no side effects from his short legs a joyful young man.

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