Phoenix the Lamb who died.

Janet saw Phoenix lying in a pool of water in a very muddy field.  She stopped her car and got out and picked him up.  He was almost unconscious, his feet were rotting and had actually rotten away in some places. 

He had such a terrible maggot infestation that they had eaten through most of his fleece.  Janet went to see the farmer and then brought Phoenix back to the Sanctuary. He could hardly stand and was in very severe pain. 

The vet was called out and over the next few hours everything possible was done to relieve Phoenix of his pain and to help him survive so he could recover from his ordeal and go on to live a long and happy life at the Sanctuary. 

Very sadly this was not to be and Phoenix died shortly after his arrival.  At least in those last few hours of his short – about 3 months – miserable, painful and desperate struggle for life Phoenix had had some comfort, warmth, security, care, compassion and love.  He did not die alone in that pool of water just thrown away because he was ill and worth nothing financially.    

Amazingly DEFRA officials and trading standards were not prepared to take any action against the farmer not even when a few days later Janet found another lamb in the same field, on the same farm in the same circumstances.  Happily this time, Fergus lived.  You can read his story and see his photos on his personal sponsor page.  It is a page with a very happy ending.

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