Hello, my name is Rusty

I am quite shy and only let people I know stroke me. I live in the feed shed with my siblings and the old ferals, well, actually they are ancient. They’ve been here ages and have told us that it is just the best place for cats who don’t really like people as no one bothers you here but you get lots of food and to see that man the “vet” if necessary. Well, I’ve seen him once and that was enough for me, thank you. The old ferals have lots of interesting tales to tell and have taught us all how to catch Ratty and his compatriots The Mice. Although they are all wise to us but we are getting faster. Of course, we can come and go as we like but it is our job to protect all the dried animal foods and that seems a small thing for us to do to say THANK YOU to the compassionate people who saved our lives and brought us here and to the wonderful people here who have had the patience to help us adjust to our new life. I want to stay with these people and the old ferals and chase Ratty, so please sponsor me.

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