Hello, this is Sherbert.

Sherbert is a Swaledale breed. Swaledales are native to the north of England. Tough, hardy sheep. Sherbert was found as a tiny lamb in May 2014 by a family who were out walking. He lay curled up on his own, away from the nearby flock. He was picked up and taken closer to the flock in the hope that his Mum would come for him. No one did, and as it was getting dark he was taken back to their home for his safety. For a few days he was doing well, taking his bottle and exploring his surroundings, then he began to have small fits. The family realised that they didn't have the experience to look after him with his problems so he was brought to us. With treatment his fits didn't recur, he thrived, grew, played with the other lambs and eventually matured into a very naughty, very independent little sheep who could be guaranteed to bring chaos with him wherever he decided to travel. He likes head-butting and biscuits.

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