Hello, my name is Snowdrop

I am 5 years old I was born here. I only weighed two and a half pounds and was the last of triplets, understandably my Mother rejected me. Janet took me into her bedroom and became my new Mum. We spent several days together with me enthusiastically feeding from a bottle. I thrived and started to play or in Janet speak “wrecked the room.” We came to a compromise during the day I was in the barn with Mother and my siblings being fed from a bottle, Mother seemed OK with this. At night I was worn out so didn’t wreck the bedroom. This went on for months everyone was concerned about me being so small. I grew and played - tough stuff in little parcels you know. At six months old I was “out of the woods” whatever that was. I seem to have been out of them ever since. I love being here with chums my own age; treats even sun cream on my ears ‘cos they are pink. I have everyone wrapped round my hoof I even had a birthday party with buns. Please adopt me. I’m not spoilt honest.

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The Farm Animal Sanctuary,
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School Lane,
Middle Littleton,
Worcestershire. WR11 8LN.


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