Hello, my name is Spot Loggins.

Me and my Mum, Iris, have been here for three and a half years and I’m three years old. I was born on a farm near Bristol; the farmer wasn’t very good at looking after us. Mum didn’t have enough to eat and couldn’t feed me but, the farmer did bottle feed me. I decided this was no way to raise a lamb so I gave the performance of my life every day to these people who came to watch us in the field. I can tell you I would have won an Oscar for that! It certainly paid off they rescued us and brought us to the Sanctuary. Mum thought she was in heaven she just ate and ate soon she could feed me as well. At first the other sheep wouldn’t have anything to do with us, understandable as we had blue mouths. We had a condition called “orf” and the blue stuff was used to treat it successfully. After that the other sheep and lambs soon made friends. Mum has been sheared and looks rather attractive I think; well she produced me didn’t she! I have loads of friends my own age to play with best of all I have Jan. I love her she is the most wonderful person along with our rescuers, I’ve ever met. I want Mum and myself to always have enough to eat, so please adopt me and then I can look after her, thank you.

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