Hello my name is Stargazer.

I am 5 years old. I have been here for 4 years. I was born in Scotland. I can’t see, you humans call me blind. I’ve never been able to see but I can sure hear everything that goes on! My farmer didn’t want me to go to that horrendous place called “slaughter” that we all hear so much about so I have him to thank for my wonderful home here even though it did come about in a roundabout way. He took me to a place were there were other animals and children came to see them but the people there didn’t want me. They said I would upset the children so I came to the Sanctuary. Within a few hours I’d got my bearings around the barn and had made several friends amongst the Girls. I don’t want to be deemed imperfect and unsuitable just because I can’t see. I want to stay here where I am valued for who not what, I am. Please adopt me.

UPDATE Stargazer has grown into a big, gentle and happy girl sharing her paddock with some of our middle aged sheep and the orphan lambs whilst they are still small. She has visits from the geese, ducks, hens and Tilly the Basset.

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