Last secure place for over 530 animals and birds rescued from abuse, neglect, slaughter and abandonment. Please donate or sponsor to keep them safe.

Compassionate Caring for 25 Years

George the lamb

George the lamb

During the winter months we eat our way through £1550 of hay a week and £1000 of hard coarse mix, corn, barley and horse feed.

The cost of our recovery from ill treatment and neglect can range from £65 to £1,300 pounds for each one of us.

There are over 500 of us here at the Sanctuary.

Please help us to stay.

We have two full time employees and one part time employee who work with the animals to maintain and safeguard their welfare.  We have a small team of extremely dedicated volunteers.  All administrative work is done by Janet, the Sanctuary’s founder, who also supervises the welfare of the animals and maintains their care at weekends with the volunteers.  There are no administrative wages to pay.  The website is maintained by volunteers.  Every penny donated to the Sanctuary animals is spent directly on their welfare.

Every pound raised goes directly towards our care.


Colin is two years old; he and his brother were bought as a wedding present when they were small piglets, their owners, planning to move, sent Colin and his brother to the slaughterhouse. His brother was slaughtered. Colin was sent back to them because his papers were not in order, not once but twice! It was planned to send him a third time, most fortunately his compassionate rescuer stepped in and bought him. Unable to keep him herself he arrived at the Sanctuary on a wet Saturday and immediately made himself at home rearranging his straw bedding in his house and embellishing it with some brambles from the hedge.
Colin loves all his food.

Colin eats his way through 1 bag of pignuts every 2 weeks, in cash that translates to £8-25p.


Jacqueline was too young to be pregnant let alone give birth normally but her farmer/ owner expected her to do this a field almost knee deep in mud. Eventually he had a choice to let Jacqueline and her unborn calf die or to call the vet. Fortunately he chose the later. Even more fortunately the vet who was called was Josie, the Sanctuary vet and she knew the terrible lack of welfare at this particular farm. Jacqueline’s calf, pretty Josephine was delivered in the mud by Caesarean Section. Knowing that the farmer would leave them both in that field, in the mud, in the pouring rain in October and that they would both probably die from infection, Josie had strong words with the farmer and he agreed to let them come to the Sanctuary for the rest of their lives. They have both recovered from their ordeal and are thriving.

Jacqueline eats her way through 2 bags of ruminant mix a week, in cash that translates to £17-00p

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