We will always be governed by compassion never by our accounts. That's why we are here.



Louise – Full Time Employee

“I’ve always liked animals and rode horses from being quite young.  I have a dog at home, Danny; he was a farm dog but came to live with us about six years ago.   I started coming to the Sanctuary to bottle feed lambs when I was ten.  Soon after that I came down to help on a regular basis.  I very much enjoy working with the animals and learning how to care for them all.  I am one of the Sanctuary’s full time paid employees and I work Monday to Friday.  I feed the animals and help Janet do the sheep’s feet, worming and clipping bottoms!  I drive the tractor and I do some mechanical and general repairs.  I administer medications – sometimes that is a two pairs of hands job!  My favourite animals here are Beatrice the dog who is my right hand dog and helps me with everything and Fergus the sheep.  I was here when Janet rescued him and he was terribly ill and unhappy but we got him well and he loves being here with his group of girlfriends.  It was lovely to see him make such a good recovery.” 


Ann - volunteer

“I have been fascinated by animals since I was very young. I heard about the Sanctuary on the radio when they were advertising their Christmas Nativity. I really wanted to be hands on and to learn more as I had never been involved with farm animals. I have been here for seven years now. I help with fundraising events. Sunday is my special day when I clean out the chickens and the other poultry and I help out with whatever else needs doing including walking the other dogs. At home I have six cats, two dogs and a cockerel called Barney. My favourite resident at the Sanctuary is Jean the Turkey.”


Angela - volunteer

“I’ve always liked animals.  I was born this way.  I’ve had dogs and cats at home and now have one golden retriever, Charlie.  He was rescued.  I’ve been helping at the Sanctuary for about seventeen years now.  Tuesday afternoons are my spot.  I do some of the paperwork, mainly the financial books, and help with the rabbits and guinea pigs; and watch Shaun the Sheep on the TV with Janet at the end of the afternoon. We are hooked on it.  My favourite animal here is Martin the sheep.”


Dave – Full Time Employee

“I have been interested in the welfare of all animals almost from the minute I was born.  I have been a vegetarian for most of my life.  I saw an advert in the local paper asking for volunteers at the Sanctuary so I came along to help.  That was five years ago.  I help at weekends with routine repairs and maintenance of the buildings and care of all the animals here. At home my companions include dogs, cats, rabbits and fish.  I value and love all the animals at the Sanctuary as I think that all creatures have as much right to life as we humans.  If I had to absolutely choose a favourite it would be ET the sheep with Rambo a close second.”


Kirsty - volunteer

“I’ve been helping at the Sanctuary for four years now.  I’ve always had ponies and always ridden.  I came to donate some head collars and lead reins for the horses here and decided that I would like to come and help with the animals.  I work as a volunteer most days of the week.  My favourite animal is Hosanna the donkey but I enjoy being with all the animals here.”


Maggie - volunteer

“I’ve always liked animals.  When I was growing up we had cats, dogs and rabbits at home.  I got to know about the Sanctuary through a friend of Janet’s and I came to help with fundraising.  I could see that help was needed with the animals so I started to come along at weekends.  I have been helping out for about twenty years now, almost right from when the Sanctuary was founded by Janet and Maureen.  I live here now and so share the family of cats and dogs who live in the house and who are featured on the website.  I do the catering at fund raising events and especially enjoy our Open Day in the summer and the Carols in the Barn.  I help with some of the animals too.” 


Harry – volunteer

“I love all animals. My Mum helps at the Sanctuary at weekends so I decided that I would like to help too. I feed the animals, especially the pigs who are my favourites really, and walk the fields to check that the sheep, cows and horses are all fine. We do that twice a day. At home I have three dogs and four cats. When I leave school I want to work with animals.”