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The last secure place for over 530 animals and birds rescued from abuse, neglect, slaughter and abandonment. Please donate or adopt to keep them safe. Please don’t forget that if you shop online through Give As You Live that helps our funding too!

At the Sanctuary Farm Animals Are for Life And Not For Slaughter

Our new phone number is 01386 834500, and our email address is now

Support the Farm Animal Sanctuary by insuring your pet with Animal Friends Insurance via the link. Please recommend your friends too, for each one who takes out a policy Animal Friends Insurance will donate £5 to the Sanctuary which will help towards the running cost of looking after our animals. Not only do Animal Friends have a competitive range of policies on offer, but they have also donated over £1.7 million to animal welfare charities. Click here

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Gilbert - read my story

Visiting the Sanctuary
We are now open for summer visits for supporters. To book your visit email Laura.

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shetland pony

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June news

Spring definitely sprang with a vengeance when May arrived. Our rescued ewes had begun lambing steadily in April, a single here, twins there, all plain sailing with healthy lambs and healthy mums. Just as we were thinking it was all going too well, the problems we'd been expecting began.


Jan read to parchute

Jump with Jan: we did it!

Thanks to all the marvellous people who supported Theresa and myself to do this crazy stunt. We chose to be pushed out of a tiny aeroplane strapped to someone we'd only met half an hour earlier, to raise as much money as we could for the welfare needs of our animals.

Neither of us are comfortable flying. We both feel nausea at the thought of looking down from heights, even the bedroom window does it for me. But there was no turning back.

I watched Theresa suddenly disappear through the open door then it was my turn. One second you're looking into space hearing the wind roaring in your ears, legs dangling; the next you're travelling face down at 125 mph hurtling towards the blurred earth below. After one minute the parachute opens and all is suddenly so peaceful. You float around in circles enjoying the amazing sights and colours of the fields and woodlands.

The day before, I'd received the result of an X-ray: arthritis in my hip was confirmed. All I had to do was remember not to land on my right leg.

We both had a happy, soft landing. When we'd recovered our breath, had a glass and a bit of Prosecco to celebrate we both agreed it was the safest, most exhilarating thing we'd ever done. We raised over and above the target we'd set, and we hope the animals all appreciate the benefits it will bring for them.

Old shlters

We rebuilt their lives. Now we need to rebuild their homes.

If anyone deserves a good home, it’s Freda. When we found this lovable pig, she was belly-deep in slurry, her only shelter, a piece of broken tin. Thankfully, the sanctuary was able to give her a home for life. But after sheltering residents for more than 20 years, that home is now falling apart. We’ve patched it up as best we can, but it’s not going to last another year. Before long, showers will threaten her warm, straw bed.

Hosanna’s field shelter is worn out too. She’s facing some of the wettest months of the year without a sturdy roof.

We dearly want to see all our animals live in comfort. But recent weather has shown we need to act quickly. We need to raise £25,000 to replace some of our old pig arks, fencing, field shelters and the aviaries our hens and rabbits call home. Help us give them the homes they deserve. They might not look like much, but for animals like Freda and Hosanna, their home is everything. Whether it be a bare metal cage, a crowded barn or a filthy pen, many of our residents were rescued from terrible conditions before arriving at the sanctuary. You can make sure they live out the rest of their lives in contentment and peace. They don’t ask for much. Help us give them the home they deserve.

It’s supporters like you that have made our work possible. If you’re able to help, please click the donation button below. Thank you.

Thank you.



We are very sorry we cannot take in anymore pigs or cockerels at this time.

We will be announcing dates for visits (by appointment) to the sanctuary in April and May soon. Watch this space!


adoption pack


We'll send you a great new gift pack with a fridge magnet, photo card and certificate signed by Jan. As an adopter, you can come and visit them at the sanctuary and we'll keep you updated on their progress. If this is a gift just let us know and we can add a message for you.


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We are open at weekends between April - October for supporters (depending on weather conditions). Please book your visit by email -

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We are very pleased to now be able to accept payments and donations via PayPal or by debit and credit card online.

By cheque

Cheques made payable to The Farm Animal Sanctuary

Please send to:
The Farm Animal Sanctuary, Manor Orchard Farm, School Lane, Middle Littleton, Evesham, Worcestershire. WR11 8LN

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Fund Raising

Like every other Charity fundraising is one of the biggest issues and challenges facing everyone. We don't produce anything apart from fleeces once a year. Were it not for neighbour Liz, who sorts our fleeces, sells them online and at a Fibre Festival which takes place once a year, the cost of shearing would outweigh the money we receive from the Wool Marketing Board. We rely totally on donations and legacies, but as I've said so many times farm animals are right at the bottom of the pile when it comes to gaining empathy and support.

We're here not just to give the lucky ones the chance of a life of care and respect but also to support campaigns to greatly improve and implement welfare standards.

We will always be looking for people who will help us in any way to raise much needed funds.

How you can help us to fundraise.

We need to raise at least £2,500 each week, new supporters to help us do this are always very welcome. If you live locally could you do a Car Boot sale for us, we have many saleable items here but not the time. Can you ask friends, family, colleagues etc. if they have any unwanted or broken gold or silver jewellery they could donate? If you have any other ideas please let us know. Is there a local handyman/woman who has a few hours to spare to help with small repairs to field shelters, aviaries etc? All suggestions welcome.

Please get in touch with Janet on 01386 834500 or

Why we are here

“Whoever believes that farm animals can be raised and slaughtered humanely should be here to listen to the constant bleating’s of our neighbour’s ewes. Their lambs have just been rounded up and taken to the slaughterhouse. The ewes have been frantically searching the fields looking for them for days. The lambs will bleat for the whole of the journey, their first, and what will be their last. They will get over it one way or the other, they don’t have a choice.” Janet Taylor

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