Bella is a cherished Holstein cow living on Green Meadows Farm, a sprawling expanse of lush fields and serene pastures.

Known for her distinctive black and white patches, Bella is not just a farm animal; she’s part of the family.


Key Points about Bella:

  • Breed: Holstein, known for being the leading dairy breed, providing the highest volume of milk compared to other types.
  • Daily Routine: Bella’s day starts early with milking at dawn, followed by grazing in the nutrient-rich fields, and ends with a second milking session at dusk.
  • Diet: She enjoys a balanced diet of hay, grains, and fresh grass, which is essential for her health and milk production.
  • Social Animal: Cows are social creatures, and Bella is no exception. She spends her day in the company of her herd, engaging in social grooming and other herd activities.
  • Contribution to the Farm: Beyond milk, Bella plays a crucial role in the farm’s ecosystem. Her manure is a valuable natural fertilizer, enriching the soil for crop cultivation.


Bella represents the heart of Green Meadows Farm, embodying the dedication and care that go into sustainable farming practices.

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