Boris was rescued with his brother when they were piglets. The conditions they were kept in were very poor, they had very little space and hadn’t been receiving the right food or any outside stimulation. Another home was found for them, but again turned out to be unsuitable.

Their rescuer was left with no option but to take them home to live in her back garden, which they did for almost 2 years, until we had space for them. 

Boris is a friendly boy and loves nothing more than digging in the mud and sitting in his wallow in the summer. He is in his elder years now and enjoys a quiet, peaceful life here at the sanctuary.


Facts about Boris:

  • Breed: Boris is a Mangalitza pig, a Hungarian breed, characterised by their long, luscious locks!
  • Diet: Boris is fed on a diet of specially made pig nuts which have all the nutrients he needs, but he also gets a mixture of fruits and veggies which are donated to us. Boris can be a little fussy about what he likes, he will leave carrots and broccoli but loves bananas, apples and bread!
  • Favourite Activity: Wallowing in his mud in the summer to keep cool!
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