Dotty was previously owned by a nurse, who wanted a pig as a friend and companion. Dotty fitted the bill perfectly, she was calm, thoughtful, and content with a human as a companion. When her owner came home from a stressful shift, she would take a book into the garden and read to Dotty. Dotty would sit by her side, give the odd grunt of appreciation, and all was well in Dotty’s world. Sadly, circumstances changed, and Dotty needed a new home. She was found a temporary foster home, but it wasn’t suitable long term, and so she arrived at the sanctuary.

Sadly, we lost Dotty’s sanctuary companion, Colin, very recently. We will be on the lookout for a pig in need of a home that might be a suitable friend for her, but for now she is content with lots of cuddles from us humans!


Facts about Dotty:

  • Breed: Unknown 
  • Diet: Dotty is fed on a diet of specially made pig nuts which have all the nutrients she needs, but she also gets a mixture of fruits and veggies which are donated to us. Some pigs are very fussy about what they like, Dotty doesn’t really like her greens, or carrots, she prefers sweet fruits like apples and strawberries!
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