Pigs In The Wood are a brilliant organisation who put all of their resources into trying to find homes for the huge number of pet pigs that become unwanted for whatever reason. It’s a hard task, pigs have very special needs, good fencing, good housing, a wallow, special food, and they will destroy the ground where they’re kept.

Pigs In The Wood put out an urgent appeal for someone to take in two Kune Kune pigs, Otis and Etta, whose owners couldn’t look after them anymore. Otis was a feisty pig and could be intimidating towards people, although he was a big softy really. Otis and Etta had already been rehomed multiple times over the years and the upheaval wasn’t helping Otis’ temperament. They were in need of an experienced and permanent home.

Having recently lost two of our elderly boys, Bramley and Grandad, we had a space. Etta is a lovely, friendly, quiet lady. She enjoys pottering around her paddock on a sunny evening and having a snooze in her nice, cosy, straw bed.

Sadly, we lost Otis a little while ago, and hopes to introduce Etta to any of our other pigs failed. It was clear Etta wasn’t up for being introduced to any new pigs, and she is enjoying her twilight years in peace and quiet.


Facts about Etta:

  • Breed: Kune Kune
  • Arrived at the sanctuary: 2021
  • Diet: Etta is fed on a diet of specially made pig nuts which have all the nutrients she needs, but she also gets a mixture of fruits and veggies which are donated to us. Etta’s favourite treats are bananas, strawberries and carrots.
  • Favourite Activity: Sleeping and a bath in her wallow in summer!
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