Since last year our costs have increased by 50% and our income has halved. We promised our 600 rescued farm animals the best animal care, and a home for life.

Over the past 30 years, everything we have done is to deliver on these promises. We believe all of our 600 animals are living the best possible life.

But funds to keep going are dangerously low, and there is a real risk of this charity closing. We urgently need to find and additional £30,000 per month to save this charity and 600 rescued farm animals.

How can you help?

In this very difficult time we ask you to give whatever you can afford. Every pound makes a difference.

Please, we need your help.

Fundraising For The Farm Animal Sanctuary

Our animals rely on us to keep our promise to give them a forever home, advocate for them and educate current and future generations to demand excellent farm animal welfare standards.

If you are inspired by our work and would like to save and improve the lives of farm animals, you are in the right place!

Fundraising for us is easy – just follow 3 simple steps:
Tell Us

Let us know you are going to fundraise for us, and what you are going to do.

Tell Everyone

Let everyone know what you are doing and give them the opportunity to support you. This can be through your social media networks, local paper, clubs you attend, friends, family etc. We will want to shout about your fantastic fundraiser on our website and social media too.


Once you have finished your fundraiser donate through our donations page – if you can gift-aid* the money too that would be fantastic as we will receive an extra 25% from the government on top of your donations – and it costs you nothing!

* You will need to be a UK taxpayer to do this

Inspiring Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising at home

Birthday – get dressed up, put on some music, sip a drink and play some games. Set up your own ‘Just Giving’ page and ask friends and family to donate to The Farm Animal Sanctuary instead of presents or buying you a cocktail.

Detox – give up your number 1 vice for a month whether it is chocolate, gin, cake or biscuits. Donate the money you would have spent on your vice to The Farm Animal Sanctuary. Get healthy and do good.

Plants and Veg Patch – grow some extra plants, veggies or fruit this year and set up and honesty box outside your house.

Challenge event – Thinking of completing Couch to 5k, running in a local tough mudder or taking on a personal challenge this year. Ask friends, colleagues, family to sponsor you.

Fundraising at work

Charity of the Year – if your work has a scheme and you would like to nominate us, please let us know. We are happy to help with any information, pictures or tells you may need.

Payroll Giving – many companies match-fund you’re giving through payroll from company funds. If you are thinking of fundraising for us, ask your finance department if they can help your donation go further.

Christmas Jumper Day – ask your team to wear their favourite Christmas Jumper to work

Sponsorship – we have many events and animals that can be sponsored. Please get in touch with us to find out more.
Volunteering – if you’d like to have a team away day somewhere outdoors and do good at the same time, we offer Corporate Social Responsibility Days on the Farm.

Fundraising at school

Non-Uniform Days – everyone brings £1 to come in non-unform – or dress as their favourite farm animal!

Fun run – Plan a fun route round school and get the whole school running round. Prizes for the greatest number of laps, most sponsorship and funniest outfit.

Bake Sale

Danceathon – book out the school hall and see how many pupils can dance and move for 30 minutes.

Contact Our Sanctuary

We are always happy to discuss your fundraising ideas with you so please email info@thefarmanimalsanctuary.co.uk

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