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NEWS - January 2013

flooded field

What an end to 2012

Just when we were looking forward to a peaceful Christmas the rain continued unabated, the flooding in our fields has worsened, all the animals are safe and the pigs think the mud and water is absolutely fabulous! Each day we wade through to the ponies and the cows taking their hay, they seem indifferent to it all. We rescued 7 thin very dirty and sad little lambs from market at the start of December. They all had liver fluke and an eye infection despite being quarantined the eye infection has spread so we now have 80 lots of eye ointment to administer each day. George, who we all wept over thinking he would not survive, has become a lamb who most definitely has a mind of his own and the strength to match it. It takes three of us to give George his eye ointment! This infection will clear with time. On top of that Mattie, one of our rescued horses and now around 30 years old, was found laid on the ground just inside her stable and we couldn’t get her up. Louise and Harry took turns to sit with her. She calmly rested her head in their laps. The vet checked her and everything was normal so the fire brigade arrived and with the help of local farmer Barry, Mattie was raised upright. She stood for a few seconds then walked into her stable to munch on hay. Phew, roll on spring!

New Beginnings

hazel the sheep

For Hazel

Rescued from Stratford market at the end of November, Hazel is a big ewe and she knew to look Jan in the eye and come to the side of her pen for her head rubbing. The meat man elbowed Jan out of the way, the £ signs lighting up in his eyes when he saw Hazel. Well that was the worst thing he could have done, Janet bid him to a standstill and he gave up. Hazel came home to the Sanctuary.

dougal the sheep

For Dougal

Also rescued on the same day as Hazel with Jan out bidding the meat man again. Dougal was and is a very friendly little soul and he had been kept as a pet for 3 years before being given to a local butcher who, deciding that Dougal was too old to be sold as chops, sent him to market.

hazel the rabbit

For Hazel Rabbit

Bought from Stratford market on the same day as the 7 lambs and 2 ewes, Hazel Rabbit had already been sold to someone called Charlie for 50 p who planned to have her for his dinner. Jan offered him £2, Hazel came home to the Sanctuary and Charlie missed his dinner. Hazel is worth far more than 50 p to us. She is now a companion for Clover.

clover the rabbit


Who arrived in a cardboard box lined with beautiful smelling hay having been “found” in a garden. We think Clover was most definitely an unwanted pet but at least they brought her to us and didn’t dump her in a field. She is certainly much wanted here and she and Hazel Rabbit have become great friends, they play together and when not doing that they sleep side by side. They live with Penny the pigeon.

We wish all these New Beginners a long and happy life at the Sanctuary. If any of them particularly take your eye they are all on the lookout for adopters. Please Contact Us via our Adoption Information Page, thank you.





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