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NEWS - June 2013

brown horse

Arnie’s New Friend

Jackson came to us last December and since his arrival it has become evident that really he was an unwanted horse. He is a rather big lad and had not been taught any manners so we have spent the last six months teaching him some to stop us being pushed to the ground whenever we went in the field with a bucket. He and Arnie share their buttercup filled meadow and have become good companions. Jackson does have a problem with one of his knees which we are monitoring. He is around 14 years old.

spotted horse

And Flora Arrived Too

Much more recently within the last two weeks Flora, who we all think is very pretty and hope you will agree, was rescued from Stratford Horse Market. This market is notoriously bad, flaunting many rules and regulations with the dealers saying things like “passports, a waste of time”. Incidentally the passport Flora came with had obviously been for another horse. She was absolutely terrified in the market and does seem to have come from a home where she was cared for so why throw her away at only two years old? She is an Appaloosa mare, a thoroughbred, and she does have a swelling on one of her fetlocks possibly a recent injury sustained during her time with the dealer or a sarcoid growth, both can be dealt with. She has settled remarkably quickly and very well, she loves people even more remarkable and has met the other horses here.

morrison the lamb

Latest Addition To The Nursery

Is Morrison so called because he was so thin and tiny that the vet had to weigh him in a Morrison’s carrier bag. Found on his own in North Wales and already very frail, he was taken to a wildlife sanctuary in Wiltshire as his finder was a supporter of theirs. The sanctuary immediately took him to a vet where he had intravenous therapy to bring him round. The wildlife sanctuary contacted us via one of their supporters so, by rather a convoluted process, Morrison came home at last. His first few days were rather touch and go but he is now putting on weight and plays out in the top paddock with the other members of his nursery group. He is about two months old now and has been with us three weeks.

THANK YOU Bretforton First School

The school’s Animal Day on May 14th raised £171 for our depleted funds. The Animals and Jan send their heartfelt thanks to all the children and staff.

beatrice the dog

Beatrice Does Her Rounds Of The Fields

Well she supervises really riding in the Range Rover and checks the sheep from her elevated seat. Beatrice has been in this role for around eight years now and never misses a trip.

turkey with vet and sheep and louise

Belinda’s Latest Role

Well you can see it can’t you…..she has taken up nursing; she adores our vet Josie and follows her everywhere on her visits. What next? Watch this space…..

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