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NEWS - February 2016

Rammington the lamb


Rammington the white lamb was found several weeks ago, close to houses and a main road. He was on his own, no mum or companion with him, he was bewildered, frightened, and was limping badly on a bloodstained leg. He was seen by a family who lived close by, they managed to corner him and lift him into the back of their car, taking him back to the safety of their garden.

Enquiries to find his owner were unsuccessful, despite his ear tag which should have identified him. None of the authorities or organisations responsible for animal welfare and Animal Movement were interested, he was just one small injured lamb, who cared?

Fortunately for him his rescuers cared, enough to call in a Vet on New Years Eve to treat his injured leg. The injuries revealed that he'd been bitten by a dog, deep puncture wounds and damage to tendons.

Rammington lived in the garden until he was over the shock. A temporary home was put up for him and he was provided with hay and straw to supplement his diet of garden shrubs and meadow grasses. His family knew that he needed specialist care and the company of other sheep, as much as they'd grown to love him they needed to find a safe forever home for him.

We found him a space, he had his own pen between the grannies and granddads and Derek the old ram. He settled in very quickly, when it came to bathing his leg, changing his dressings and giving injections he was an angel, such a trusting boy.

He's made a great recovery, his wounds have healed and he's ready to join up with last years lambs Lady Derpy Do and Yvonne to go out to play in the garden once the ground has recovered. Which probably won't be for a while yet another 24 hour deluge has flooded half of our paddocks.

Two Fat Hens arrived next.


Very fat ladies, they had been rescued as chicks by someone who found themselves no longer to look after them. We've named them Vera and Ida as they remind us of two old fashioned ladies who spend all day chatting over the garden wall. They're fat not because of over feeding, but because they're Table Birds, selectively bred over the years to reach Table, or killing weight in six to eight weeks after hatching. Usually produced in huge sheds housing thousands of birds, they frequently go off their legs as their joints collapse due to their bulk.

Vera only has half a beak, most of the top beak is missing which has done nothing to curb her appetite. They are carried out into the garden each morning, both of them giving a running commentary on the previous day's events, and carried to the far hedge. At first Vera refused to move, she cackled for servants to bring her food, but on realising that the servants had all gone away decided to waddle off, a few inches at a time. They're great characters, these two girls, individual personalities, determined to get on with things despite their disabilities, and how immoral is it that we're still allowed to legally modify their bodies and imprison them until it's time for them to die, still babies.

The shorter their lives, the less feed they need, less cost to produce them. All done in the name of profit.

Mrs. Fluffyface.


This pretty little Call Duck was found as a stray baby duckling, she'd probably wandered away from Mum and her siblings and became lost. She was hand fed, introduced to water and thoroughly spoilt. She became very tame, following her human parent everywhere when she had the chance. Circumstances changed and she needed a new home, preferably with other ducks, small noisy ducks like her. At the moment she has her own apartment, a large sleeping area and a run with a private bath. She flirts outrageously with one of our larger drakes who spends a lot of his time hanging around her pen. For those of you who know nothing of the amorous habits of drakes, a meeting with him would probably lead to her being squashed and asphyxiated, which is why the hunt is on to find more little Call Ducks to keep her company.

Timmy and Mr. Bean


Joining us for the winter are Timmy and Mr. Bean, two small ponies, who have been looked after for the last few years by neighbour Liz. Liz's small acreage is wild and very steep, perfect for two small ponies who don't need lush grass. This year, the early, miserable, overcast wet Autumn left her ground a morass of unnavigable, slippery mud, unsafe for everybody. Fortunately, thanks to Birmingham based A1 Petline we'd been given funds to purchase new stabling, perfect for two small ponies. Timmy is a tiny miniature Shetland, only an inch or two taller than Ruby, our French Mastiff, and as cheeky as a cartload of monkeys. Mr. Bean is a delightful, kind but nervous little spotted pony. I bought both ponies from a Dealer in Market, I'd bought several ponies from him, all had health problems, some had false Passports. I bought them and had them all examined by our Vets in the hope that their damning reports would result in him being banned from keeping horses. No such luck, my complaints and evidence were ignored. Some time later he moved premises leaving one ill pony behind. Helpful neighbours searched the fields, three dead ponies were found in the ditches. He'd disappeared without trace, chances are he's still dealing from somewhere and still getting away with it. When Spring finally arrives, both boys will return to the care of Liz for the summer, they'll be more than welcome back here if needed again.


cats1 cats2

Several months ago we took in four cats with a view to offer them a temporary home until loving homes could be found for them.Their situation was pretty desperate.

Janet and John, two of our Trustees rescue feral cats and also neuter and rehome unwanted cats. Three of the cats, a mum and her two six month old kittens, had been taken to the Vets for neutering, for a family who claimed that they couldn't afford the Vets fees.

When the cats were returned the family refused to open the door, the cats were now unwanted.

We took them in as an emergency measure, they lived outside in the yard in a purpose built house and run while we advertised widely to find loving family homes for them. It's taken several months, but now all four cats have found their forever homes.

Neighbour Emily has taken the shyest one, the feral boy, a plain little black cat now named Luna who sits in the window sunning himself and watching the world go by, waiting for the better weather when he can venture outside to explore the farm.

Next little cat to go was one of the kittens, a pretty black and white little girl now named Rosie and living with Kate and her family. Her photo is on our Facebook page.

The last two, black and white Mum, now named Rita and black kitten, now named Rio, have finished up in the house living with five dogs, Josie's cat Moogi and two Guinea pigs, George and Elvis.

Rita is a very confident, rather fat cat. The first time she met Beatrice the Alsatian on the stairs, she sat quite still, curled a lip and glared. Beatrice, who has had the run of the house for 11 years now, did the sensible thing, changed her mind and changed direction. Rita's daily routine is to lie stretched out next to the radiator. In a previous life she probably had servants and a large bell to summons them to see to her every wish.

All four cats have now at last found homes.

First to go was the shy, nervous little black boy, thought to have been living as a feral. Next door neighbour Emily chose Luna, as he's now been named. Time and patience and quiet surroundings have transformed this little cats' outlook on life. Now warm and well fed, he sleeps on Emily's bed, asks nicely for his treats, and has found the warmest place in the house to doze. On top of the heated vivarium housing the corn snake.

Next to leave was the cheeky black and white daughter, now named Rosie. She has gone to live with Kate and her family, paying particular attention to her little boy who wasn't quite sure about having another cat in the house. Rosie made herself comfortable as soon as she entered Kate's house. She's confident, playful and gentle, a perfect addition to the household.

The weather turned bitterly cold, no one came forward for the remaining two cats, a mum and son. We took the plunge and brought them into the house, which isn't spacious by any means and is already home to five dogs, one parrot, two budgerigars, two Guinea pigs and Moogi, a very bossy territorial naughty torts female. Also, when people forget to close doors, the odd few chickens and a sheep or two.

Black daughter Rio disappeared behind the settee, Mum Rita gave Moogi a look that said "don't think of messing with me cat" and bagged herself the best seat in the house. Moogi shot her a dark look, gave a faint hiss and stalked off to guard her feed bowl. Remarkably all three cats are very tolerant of each other. Rita's favourite snooze spot is on top of Conor's Captains bed, Moogi disappears inside Josie's bed, Rio prefers to sit in the bed on the downstairs window ledge to stare at the variety of life that passes by the window every day.

As they say, "everything comes to those who wait ".

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