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NEWS - January 2012

timmy the pony

Festive Timmy

Timmy kindly agreed to dress up and pose for the Christmas edition of our News Letter. We thought that you would all like to see him. We haven’t yet told him that he has now gone worldwide.

Billy The Lamb Comes Out Of His Shell At Long Last.

Billy, who arrived last summer, was always a very shy boy and didn’t mix with the Oldies in his paddock let alone us. When it rained he always rushed into the field shelter first to hide behind the hay rack which unfortunately became his undoing, initially. He caught one of his horns on the rack and had to have it removed by the vet. To recover he was put into a pen in the barn with elderly Daisy, one of our two bind sheep, who is spending the winter inside this year because of her arthritis rather than in a field shelter, and Lucy a gentle old girl. Daisy is a wonderful foster Mum, all the lambs just love her ad she has so much patience. Billy has gained a lot of confidence, eats out of the hay rack investigates the buckets and even investigate hands bearing treats of Rich Tea Biscuits. Here he is with Lucy. So we hope that by the end of the winter he will happily go out into one of the smaller paddocks probably with Daisy, Dinah her daughter, Stargazer who is also blind and some of the not quite so old Oldies. The operation to remove Billy’s horn has healed completely.

Billy the lamb


Billy and Lucy

Billy and lucy



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