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NEWS - February 2012

Sad Goodbyes…


Agnes the Sheep

Agnes had been at the Sanctuary for most of her life, she was in her early teens when she died. Two years ago we thought we had lost Agnes but no, she had had a stroke and decided that she didn’t want to leave us all just then. Some weeks after her stroke Agnes did stand on her own and slowly walk around her stall but sadly that didn’t last long and she decided that she would rather lie down and have full “room service” instead. Well, Agnes certainly took full advantage of room service; munching on fresh grass with Rich Tea Biscuits for her supper topped off with a bowl of porridge. Always very bright and interested in the other goings on in the barn two weeks ago Agnes decided that she was very tired and didn’t really want to stay any longer. The vet came and gently helped her fall asleep for the last time. Agnes had her head in Janet’s lap and was munching on one of her favourite biscuits. Thank you Agnes for coming to us we miss your bright face.


Grace the Cockerel

Grace the cockerel was rescued from a garden centre that was selling small chicks labelled “Grow Your Own Eggs.” Fortunately for the garden centre Grace’s rescuers saved them a brush with trading standards as Grace, as she grew started to crow, and wouldn’t actually have grown any eggs. Dave, who had taken Grace home to rear, not wanting to fall out with his neighbours, had to bring him back to the Sanctuary once he started tuning up in the early hours of the morning. We all decided that as he was Grace he should stay as Grace and he didn’t seem at all put out by that. He grew into a very handsome and extremely friendly cockerel. He formed a very firm friendship with Jane and Jean the turkeys and Snowy the hen, all four always seen together. Grace took himself to bed one evening and had a heart attack which was fatal; a shock for us. He was two and a half years old. We miss seeing you Grace in the top paddock with your friends visiting the rabbits and the sheep. Thank you for coming.


And Then Favour Arrived

Favour the cockerel

Four days after Grace left a large and rather handsome cockerel was brought to us his rescuer having found him in a lay-by. Favour wobbles when he walks and, unlike Grace, doesn’t crow properly. He is a friendly lad with everyone and takes presents of lettuce leaves to the hens carefully putting them down on the ground at the feet of the Girls. At first we wondered if this was some sort of pre-nuptial ceremony but no, Favour is just a really pleasant lad.

Recovery Rate Soars

Intensive Chicken Care

Before Christmas several of the chickens went into a prolonged moult. This can make them pretty poorly at the best of times but a longer session can make them ill. So we created an Intensive Care Unit for them in the feed shed with lots of extra food and some heat. Happily they all survived and are now back out with their friends.

Billy “The Kid”

Well, from being the withdrawn and timid lamb on his arrival and for the last six months, Billy has not only come out of his shell but gone on to be a bit of a thug. Sitting in the hay rack and refusing to get out, even for it to be filled up, he had to be bodily removed. Having found that he now had hormones, but thankfully minus the bits to use them effectively, Billy began attempting to do “rammy things” with old ladies Lucy and Daisy. Having gracefully gone into retirement some years previously, they were definitely not all impressed by Billy so he was moved to a pen with younger and more agile residents who would not tolerate that kind of thing. Fat Barry did offer to sit on Billy if he didn’t behave and this threat seems to have had some effect. Billy has decided not to be a ram anymore and instead has now found the delights of the feed buckets and sheep mix and we can’t get his head out of them. Watch this space….


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