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NEWS - March 2012

Dahlia the chicken


Following an illness last autumn which, happily Dahlia recovered from, she spent most of her time sat in this tub of dahlias which she gradually ate down to their roots. This seemed to hasten her recovery even more. Her she is eyeing up what to her must be a particularly succulent specimen. Dahlia decided that she wanted to stay in the yard, expressing an interest in all plant pots and their contents but she also enjoys sharing the cat food with Tom and Tallulah.

Sheeps the sheep

A Sad Goodbye

Sheeps decided a few weeks ago that 17 years plus was a good age to have reached especially as most of it had been lived at the Sanctuary. Arriving as a young lamb who used to sit on the steps of the Porto-cabin, then Janet’s office, he grew into an extremely handsome lad with a distinctive and distinguished face. His last few years were spent living in one of the barns amongst his friends – he had many - choosing to go out on fine days but definitely not wet ones. Always a gentle character who, if you were crouched down taking photos of the others, would come and quietly rest his head on your shoulder. The chickens loved him, Hosanna the donkey loved him, we all loved him. Thank you Sheeps for coming into all our lives.

Herbie the Herdwick

Herbie and Chums

Herbie the Herdwick arrived a month ago along with his flock of 7 friends. Their elderly owner was being evicted and she asked the Sanctuary to provide a home for her rescued pets. All of the flock are rams about 8 to10 years old and all were neutered except, yes you guessed Herbie. Well, on arriving Herbie thought all his birthdays had come at once with over 400 ladies just over the other side of the fence to choose from, or so he thought. However, his ardour was dampened by a quick visit from the vet and, once the spring comes and Herbie’s hormones have finally calmed down and gone away, he can join the 400 ladies on the other side of his fence. All 8 of these boys have settled very well and are all very pleasant characters. Herbie would love a sponsor – anyone out there?


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