Percy and Pickles

The most unusual item found on the M42? An unconscious pig! Late on a Wednesday afternoon a motorist noticed an unusual object on the hard shoulder. The object turned out to be a young boar, unconscious and badly bruised. Council Workers from a local depot carried him into the back of their van, returning him to their depot. A vet was called to assess the boar as he was in such poor shape; the verdict was that the pig had fallen out of a trailer or some sort of vehicle; he was very badly cut and bruised, severely concussed and suffering from shock. They weren’t sure if he would survive the night and it was decided it was best to leave him in the van overnight to let him rest and prevent further shock.

In the meantime the RSPCA phoned a number of sanctuaries; if Mr. Pig wasn’t claimed, which was very unlikely as he had neither ear tags or ear tattoos, a legal requirement, a home was needed quickly. We seem to have been the only people to have picked up the phone that evening. The pig, having been re-assessed as fit to travel, was brought to us the following morning. Fortunately we were able to find a small space for him with his own room and his own patio area, where Percy spent the day recuperating.

We’ll never know Percy’s story; had he been stolen from somewhere and was on his way to be slaughtered in an unregulated slaughterhouse? We’re fairly sure that wherever it was, it would not have been a happy ending for this traumatised, frightened, battered young pig. He’s safe now and has recovered well from his ordeal. He certainly isn’t the subdued pig that turned up that day – quite the opposite! He runs across his paddock to greet us every morning with a series of grunts and squeals, not so patiently waiting for his breakfast!

Pickles the sow arrived all the way from Herne Bay, a very long journey for a pig, pigs can become very stressed when asked to move and particularly when they’re being transported in a noisy, bumpy vehicle. Pickles came off the trailer very quietly, she followed a small trail of bread, apples and carrots into her bedroom and went to sleep, a very well behaved lady.

Pickles had been a breeding sow, the last of her piglets had just been weaned and Pickles was past her sell by date. There was only one way for Pickles to go which would have been her last, and final journey.

Fortunately, at the farm where Pickles lived, people had access to see her in her sty. She soon recognised people as friends and made welcoming grunting noises when they visited her. Luckily for Pickles someone had become so attached to her she organised fundraising events and raised the money to buy her and pay for her transport. As she’d become a bit of a favourite, her owner was more than happy to know that she was going on to a life of retirement.

Pickles and Percy became best of friends very quickly, and although Pickles likes to boss Percy around, he doesn’t seem to mind, and they are often found sunbathing, digging in the mud, or having a snooze together. 


Facts about Percy and Pickles: 

  • Diet: Twiglet and Mabel are fed on a diet of specially made pig nuts which have all the nutrients they need, but they also get a mixture of fruits and veggies which are donated to us. Some pigs are very fussy about what they like, but Percy and Pickles will eat anything and everything! 
  • Favourite Activities: Percy and Pickles LOVE to make their bed, when we bring them fresh straw they take it into their bed and place it exactly where they want it. They spend a long time making their bed perfectly comfy, and are surprisingly delicate about getting it just right!
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