Pete and Pudding

Pete arrived here at the sanctuary following a phone call from the police asking if we had lost a pig. We hadn’t, and apparently Pete had lost his owner, deciding to take a stroll on a main road in a nearby village. We picked him up and brought him into a temporary paddock while the police attempted to find his owner, no one ever came forward for him so he’s now moved in permanently with Pudding.

Pudding arrived here in 2014, having been kept as a pet until circumstances changed and her owner could no longer care for her. Pete and Pudding now live happily together, they are both very friendly and love a fuss. They sometimes share a bed and often share their wallow, but Pudding is definitely the boss and Pete is happy to let her take charge!


Facts about Pete and Pudding:

  • Breed: Pete is a Gloucester Old Spot and Pudding is a Kune Kune.
  • Diet: Pete and Pudding enjoy a diet of specially designed pig nuts which have all the nutrients they need, mixed in with lots of fruit and vegetables that are donated to us. There’s not much they won’t eat, their favourites are bananas, apples and grapes.
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