Twiglet and Mabel

We received a phone call from a gentleman to say say he’d had a knock at the door to say one of his pigs were out. He went straight out to check but all of his 6 big pigs were relaxing in their paddock. His field backed onto some woods and it was there he saw a tiny black pig. He went back for some food and sure enough, after putting some food down, a tiny, nervous, very hungry and thirsty little piglet came out of the woods. He picked her up and put her in his truck.

He phoned us to see if we could take the poor little piglet in and give her the TLC she needed until someone came forward for her, or perhaps even offer her a forever home if an owner wasn’t found. He had already asked around local smallholdings and the local community, but no one was claiming the poor soul. He believes she was probably dumped and left to fend for herself as she was no longer wanted.

Twiglet settled in really well here, she is a very friendly, very chatty and energetic little pig, but we knew she needed a friend. 

Shortly after Twiglet’s arrival we received another phone call about a 4 month old piglet…she was a much loved pet but her owner had realised that she needed company of her own kind, and that living in the house wasn’t going to be viable long-term. 

The timing couldn’t have been better, as we were looking for a companion for Twiglet who was also young. 

Mabel arrived and she and Twiglet were soon the best of friends, they quickly decided that piglet zoomies around their paddock was great fun! They both LOVE cuddles, always chatting to people walking past their paddock and hoping for a belly rub!

Facts about Twiglet and Mabel:

  • Breed: Twiglet and Mabel are both pot-bellied pigs, Mabel is a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig, we are not 100% sure of Twiglet’s exact breed. 
  • Diet: Twiglet and Mabel are fed on a diet of specially made pig nuts which have all the nutrients they need, but they also get a mixture of fruits and veggies which are donated to us. Some pigs are very fussy about what they like, but Twiglet and Mabel are not at all fussy and eat all their greens! Their favourite treats are apples, bananas and carrots.
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