About Us

The Farm Animal Sanctuary was established nearly 40 years ago by our founder Jan Taylor. On a wet February morning, all those years ago, Jan visited a livestock market and witnessed the horrors unfolding before her. Sick, malnourished, diseased and deformed animals were being offered up for sale. Some were motionless and hanging on to life by a thread, unloved and unwanted. Jan’s heart extended out to these poor neglected creatures and she went on to purchase over 60 animals at several livestock markets in England and Wales. They were rushed to her vets and received the urgent veterinary care that they so desperately needed. This was the beginning of the sanctuary and since then, it has grown exponentially and now cares for hundreds of farm animals in need. 

Championing for Animal Rights

Jan’s rescue story that formed the starting point of the sanctuary, gained both local and national press interest. Not just because of the feel good factor of her battle to save neglected animals but because it posed a serious question about animal welfare in livestock markets and the laws that were meant to protect them. The woeful standards could simply not be ignored. Meetings were held with veterinary officers from the State Veterinary Service, private vets, market managers, Trading Standard Officers and representatives from the farming world. All of them agreed that the evidence presented to them was unacceptable and that improvements were to be made.

To this day, we campaign against animal cruelty with the aim to change both legal and individual perceptions on animal rights. 

Our Mission

Our aim is to provide a safe and comfortable home for neglected farm animals, where they receive the care, shelter, dignity and respect that they deserve. 

We cannot do this without the help of people like you. It costs over £2500 per week to provide proper care for our animals. 

You can support our charitable cause in many ways. Adopt an animal, donate, attend an event or get involved in any way you can. We truly appreciate the help of our supporters that allow us to continue to bring life, health and happiness to our residents.

Contact The Farm Animal Sanctuary

To find out how you can get involved, raise funds and support our charity, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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