The Sanctuary not only rescues farm animals and birds, but we also hope to raise awareness about the suffering of millions of these animals. Our goal is to provide other organisations like Compassion In World Farming, Animal Aid, Viva, and Hillside Animal Sanctuary a voice in their campaigns.

Janet has earned an award from Animal Aid for her contributions to animal welfare, and the Sanctuary has been named the greatest Sanctuary of its kind in the UK by Wet Nose Animal Aid, which presented the award at the House of Commons. Hillside Animal Sanctuary’s Wendy Valentine has stated that Janet was the driving force for the establishment of the sanctuary. Please contribute to our vital work to enhance the lives of the animals we care for. Thank you very much!

JustGiving campaign to purchase the Farm

We have the chance to purchase Manor Orchard Farm, and we must act quickly. The farm is currently for sale; therefore, we risk losing out if another party submits a reasonable bid. Many of our older animals, including an elderly blind sheep and a blind horse, would need to be put to death for their wellbeing and per a veterinarian’s recommendation in order for us to transport them. Furthermore, a collection of more than five hundred diverse farm animals had nowhere else to go.

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