Donate Today. Help Our Animals.

Founded almost 40 years ago, our sanctuary is a haven for over 600 rescued animals.

We advocate for improved welfare standards, provide lifelong care, and strive for a world where farm animals are cherished and respected.

Your support makes this possible. Join us in making a difference today.

£5 a Month

Your £5 monthly donation supports the basic needs of our animals, including care, food, and shelter, ensuring they live comfortable lives at our sanctuary.

£10 a Month

Your £10 monthly donation provides essential care, food, and shelter. This contributes directly to the wellbeing of our rescued animals.

£20 a Month

Your £20 monthly donation helps fund essential veterinary care, ensuring our animals receive necessary medical attention and ongoing support for their health.

£25 a Month

Your £25 monthly donation helps us enhance our facilities, providing resources to rescue more animals in need and expand our capacity to care for them.

Prefer a one-time donation?